Lynne - Thank you and congratulations to both of us completing 12 transactions together. On our last property, I made over 1000% ROI when comparing the down payment to the profit from the sale. I’ve never lost money on any of our transactions. There is a reason why I keep using you as a realtor, when others jump from person to person. The more people understand the role a realtor plays, and especially what you do and why, the easier it is to understand how important you are to the transaction. It’s not as simple as listing and selling, or looking at a few houses and putting in an offer. There are many things that happen in preparation and behind the scenes. You earn every penny of your commission. Not sure where or what I will be buying next, with the proceeds of my current sale. I’m confident you will help us find the right thing, and I’m looking forward to what the future brings. You are a trusted advisor, and over the years have become a close family friend. Thank you again.
Simon Miller
Lynne recently helped me and my young family of four locate and purchase our dream home in Burlington. Over the three to four weeks I worked with her, I found her to be professional, hard working, caring and effective. She was hands down the best agent we have ever worked with. In a sellers market, Lynne was there for us, and with her sound unbiased counsel and her dedication to our needs, she was able to expeditiously find our ideal home and help us win it against 11 other offers. I cannot recommend her services enough, and am happy to provide this reference.
Henry Boyd
The time had come to make the difficult decision to put my father’s house on the market. As I live in Vancouver, I was concerned about finding a trustworthy realtor who would understand both my father’s situation and the challenges of communicating with a client who was out-of-province. Lynne Blott with Royal Lepage more than surpassed my expectations. Lynne truly understood my father’s situation and made him feel comfortable with the entire process of putting the house on the market. Lynne was resourceful and anticipated our needs while being strategic with the listing and negotiation process. Lynne’s strong work ethic and 30 plus years of experience in the field shone through! I know Lynne worked tirelessly to make the process as smooth as possible: a testament to her goal of providing the highest level of customer service. It is with full confidence that I recommend Lynne Blott! Lynne really made the difference.
Lynn Noftle, Vancouver B.C.
I have bought and sold two houses with Lynne Blott over the last few years. I have been very impressed with Lynne's attention to detail at all stages of the buying and selling process. She quickly gained my trust as I discovered she is a true professional in all aspects of real estate. She has amazing negotiating skills, a keen sense of strategy, an in depth knowledge of contracts, and an excellent knowledge of the Oakville and Burlington markets. She deals fairly with the buyer and seller and other real estate agents, and knows exactly when to push hard during a negotiation, or when to ease off to be fair. Lynne ensures that I understand each aspect of the deal thoroughly. She has years of real estate experience which gets houses sold quickly. I would highly recommend Lynne Blott to any of my friends and family. In fact, she sold my Aunt's house as well!!!
Lynne G. Oakville
We were acutely aware of how much was at stake in a purchase and sale that involved the largest asset we owned and in which neither me nor my wife Kelly had any experience. In a rapidly changing market like today's how do you know what to list your house at? What do you offer on a new house? What strategies do you employ in negotiating? Where do you draw the line? How long do you set to receive offers? Do you do an inspection prior to offer? What conditions should you waive and what ones shouldn't you? All of these questions and a hundred more seemed beyond us. Most importantly we wondered, who can we trust for honest and competent guidance? Lynne and Terry Blott were attentive, professional, persistent, informed, connected and effective. We can now see that we would have been caught by any number of potentially significant pitfalls. It was most reassuring to hear from our bank's mortgage specialist that Lynne and Terry were very experienced and were people we could trust. Trustworthiness, experience and results. What more can you ask for in a realtor? Thanks Lynne and Terry,
Rob and Kelly Dalgleish
Lynne excels in her field and has the ability to take the stress out of the selling/buying experience. When it comes to making the largest investment of your life, Lynne Sampson Blott is THE Broker of choice without any doubt whatsoever.
Andrew Shanks
Lynne's sunny personality made selling our house a joy. Her experience made the process seamless. We benefited from her deep knowledge of the market as well as her keen negotiating skills in getting us the best outcome possible. We highly recommend her to anyone needing real estate services.
Danielle Bergeron and Michael Kandravy
Lynne is a bright, highly experienced and knowledgeable professional whom I would not hesitate to recommend. Lynne is one of several agents I have used in my years, and she is the only one who has provided professional follow-up post purchase and post sale of real estate transactions. I would utilize Lynne's expertise again.
John Domm
We would highly recommend Lynne and Terry Blott to anyone thinking about selling or buying a home. Together they blend years of experience, superior service, a gentle approach combined with killer negotiating skills. Thanks for a wonderful job!
Monique Parisotto & Mark Yandle 
Lynne has worked for us on two occasions. Both I would describe as not run of the mill jobs. She was very patient and worked professionally until our objectives were accomplished. I would not hesitate in using Lynne again or in recommending her to anyone interested in residential real estate in Oakville.
Terry Lynch
Lynne has been the most personable and responsive agent. She worked hard and kept us updated all the way through the selling process. Her listing materials and resources are top level, and she made sure we had maximum exposure. I am so happy for the personal touch and dedication to our house sale, and am happy to recommend her and her family team!
Lynne's knowledge of the real estate market is equally matched by her honest and dedicated nature towards her clients. Lynne understands her clients' needs and is an attentive listener. She is always very professional, especially during the negotiation stages of the purchase. With the purchase and the sale of my own property in Oakville, she ensured that every detail was performed punctually, pleasantly and with my goals at heart. I was very pleased with the outcome and rapid results of my sale. Now as a colleague at Royal LePage, I always recommend Lynne to my closest friends, family and colleagues who are ready to invest in or to sell their property in the GTA.
Tracey Rudolph, Royal Lepage Atlantic