Meet Lynne & Terry Blott

Lynne and Terry Blott are down to earth real people that have always been driven to excel. Half measures just won’t do!  Measure that by their commitment to their family of five children or their commitment to their real estate business and the welfare of their clients.

Lynne BottLynne enjoys the rush of downhill skiing, is an avid golfer and is a member of a high performance dragon boat team. Family sports are a priority. Downtime includes a good book. Terry says that it’s stressful to see Lynne not busy!

Terry, the lead guitar in “Ginger”, the No. 1 group in Saskachewan at the time, continues to keep their house rocking to The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Chicago. He enjoys golf and avidly follows Business News Network.

Lynne and Terry Blott have gained a well deserved reputation for providing outstanding service and results in a short time frame helping people achieve their goals when it comes to the place they call home.

Lynne is the third generation of her family involved in real estate as a life long career. Lynne started in Ottawa, obtaining her license right after high school graduation in 1972, when she sold a double to a developer and then listed and sold the two renovated halves. Terry’s family also was involved in real estate and construction in Regina.

Lynne initially used her real estate career as a summer job while obtaining a Bachelor of Business Administration Honours Degree. Terry was right on her heels, obtaining his license immediately after obtaining his Bachelor of Business Administration Honours Degree in 1976.

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Lynne and Terry

Few Realtors can honestly claim that they have made real estate their full lifetime career as Lynne and Terry have. They have really “been there, done that”! Having received their Broker’s Licenses in 1979 and 1983 respectively and later their F.R.I. designations, Lynne and Terry have always helped clients fulfill their dreams by servicing their clients with the utmost dedication, professionalism and integrity. Lynne and Terry also managed a real estate office for years, including training new agents and coaching experienced agents.

Lynne and Terry Blott are experienced negotiators in all types of markets from fast to depressed, from high 21% interest rates in 1981, and from prestigious properties to first time home buyers. Lynne and Terry have dealt with many builders over the years from finding the project, through the planning stage, the marketing and ultimate sale.

What is most important to Lynne and Terry is knowing that they have contributed to someone’s success and happiness or have made a difference in helping them through a difficult time. They have the ability to work with a decisive individual in a hurry or to take the extra time needed for someone who isn’t so sure of what direction they want to take.

Lynne and Terry work personally with their clients, taking full responsibility. Often when the right property isn’t currently on the market, Lynne and Terry go looking for it. They are ultimate matchmakers. Working in a variety of areas, housing types and price ranges, Lynne and Terry always bring their never ending enthusiasm with them.

Lynne and Terry’s extensive experience enables them to negotiate the best price for you, while providing you with the personalized, professional service from start to finish that is the hallmark of their business.